Need a mastodon social media account

most services and opensource projects are now in mastodon and mastodon is the new twitter hence having a mastodon instance in mastodon from openwrt really makes sense can you make it.

Isn't that logic a bit like stating something like: I like coffee and so the moon is blue?

And isn't mastodon just an echo chamber for raving liberals? Or do conservatives use it too?

In any case, I'm not sure what it would mean for OpenWrt to have such an account. Would it be to tweet (toot? - oh man) releases of firmware or what?

Admittedly I've never been on Twitter or anything like that so I don't have any experience of it myself, but it seems to be a sort of platform for expressing opinions rather than facilitating exchange of technical ideas and concepts (for which the present platform with this forum and IRC seems perfect).

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What is mastadon?
What services?
Which opensource projects and how many projects does it exist on this planet?

And are the people cranky there if we say the internet is dangerous and then we get kicked out and is blocked as trolls, as usual in social media?

Actually, no.

Just because some Open Source software exists and is actually used, it does not need to be ported to a router operating system. Especially when you can get a user account on one of the thousands of already exiting mastodon servers.

BTW, one of the reasons why application software should not be ported to a router operating system is security. If you actually run in on a router, uit can open an unguessable number of security holes.

I'm confused about this request... Is the OP asking:

a) for a Mastodon server package to be developed for OpenWrt?
b) for the OpenWrt project to have a presence on the Mastodon social network?

In case a, I would agree with @lupe that running such a server on OpenWrt just seems like an odd combination -- even if you have a sufficiently powerful router with lots of storage (such as x86), it would be better to run it behind OpenWrt and/or on a VM instead of within OpenWrt itself.

For case b, IMO, the OpenWrt project doesn't need a social media presence... it has done well with the official OpenWrt website/forum and mailing lists for all official stuff, and user content here and on other related user groups (such as on reddit and other places). I also think it is unlikely that the OpenWrt project would have much activity on social media given that the project probably isn't going to be amplifying posts from all the other things in the world (be it politics, fashion, sports, world news, or even other open source projects)... but this is just my opinion.

Ultimately, an official presence on any social media platform(s) would be the domain of the leadership team to determine if they want to use those systems and how they would engage.


I created a bot that pushes postings from the "Releases and Security announcements" board here to the fediverse, based on the RSS feed from here.


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