Need a guide to stop bricking devices

I'm experiencing with OpenWRT the last years, mostly with TP-LINK devices.
I have IT knowledge but not on hardware/electronic topics.
I get really disappointed every time I brick a device (and they are many till today) so I want to learn the basics to be able to understand what I am really doing. I read some threads about debricking and I'm really confused. What's the bootloader, why some firmwares have and others don't, how can I know the existence of the bootloader in the firmware etc. are some of my main questions.
I am sure that this needs much reading and no one could be a teacher here, I just want some resources to start and keep going.

For the story, I had an MR200 with custom TP-Link firmware (ISP locked). I managed to install an image containing LEDE and then I tried to upload firmware through the Web UI so I can get back to stock. Now, the MR200 flases the Signal LEDs for one time and then nothing works - all LEDs off. I'd really want this router to be the first one I can debrick using JTAG or any other ways I'll learn.

Thanks in advance

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Always read the device page for the hardware you're going to be working with. It will have important information you need to know before you try anything with it.

Also, search the Table of Hardware to find device pages:

Ask people BEFORE you are going to do something, not AFTER.


See TFTP recovery section on link posted by @jc1685

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