Nanostation m2 xm. Network/switch does not appear

Hello, I have a nanostation m2 XM, when I put the openwrt firmware on it everything works fine, except that the network/switch menu does not appear. Someone help me find a firmware version that correctly displays this menu

If you're talking about the ethernet port status overview that was introduced in luci-mod-status with, it's only supported for targets on DSA (see Ethernet port icons on OpenWrt - #41 by jow) and to my knowledge ath79 (which your Nanostation is a part of) is still using swconfig, so you'll need to wait until it's converted.

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So, my question would be: Can I work normally without having the network/switch? Can I use the mwan3 normally on the nanostation m2?

Which OpenWrt version-- exactly which file from did you install?

I would run 22.03.5 on it. I've had flash writing problems with my XW devices running 23.05. It likely also affects the XM board.

I don't have any personal experience with that device or mwan3 so I can't say how it performs with OpenWrt in general, but that section is only a part of the LuCI frontend and it being missing won't have any consequences on the functionality of the device compared to if it had support.