NanoPI r6c need help adding M.2 WIFI

Wow, I thought it would be straight forward but it seems I need some help adding WIFI to a NanoPI r6c.

The NanoPI r6c has a M.2 Key M connector with PCIe 2.1 x1 so I probably need to add a converter. I saw this one:

In the past I preferred an Atheros or Qualcomm chipset, are those still the best out there? ?

WIFI speed isn't that important as long as its at least WIFI-5 with 2.4G compatibility for older hardware.

I need help :blush:

Thank you

The adapter looks fine to me. But for wifi better buy mediatek like .
As the 6rc is not officially supported by openwrt please check what kmod ipk are avaiable in friendlyelec s repo

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MediaTek it is then :grin:

I'm using mj82's build. Its experimental but I figured its closer to OpenWRT.

Well in this case you'll likely need to recompile your build to include the drivers

I'll ask for it in the thread then. I'm sure since the build is specific for the NanoPi series more people would like to add WIFI at some point. So I hope adding those modules is not too much trouble.


Just noticed your op where you want wifi5 + 2.4ghz for backwords compatibility - not possible with these type of module. You'll need some (semi) profesional adapter with older pci interface (and higher power req).
So for this consumer grade devices you'll have either 5ghz OR 2.4 but NOT both simultaneously

The Archer C7 has a 5G module and 2.4g onboard.

Can I do something similar by adding a 2.4G USB module ?

edit: whats the reason behind the MediaTek? I see a lot of threads
pushing the Intel AX2xx , its mostly Windows users though.

Currently not all m.2 card will work with rk3588 mainline kernel, I can confirm working the mediatek mt7921k and realtek rl8852ae that can be purchased used on ebay for about 7 USD.

Intel can only do AP on 2.4ghz and it's very limited in performance/range.
It's only recommended for client wifi needs.

As for usb wifi it's only recommended for low range/performance like 1 wall or 15m.
Keep the C7 if you already have it or buy it if you don't.
Dedicated AP is the best match for Rx devices.

Ahh,... that makes sense.

I have two more questions if you don't mind me asking:

  1. How did you mask the serial in /proc/cpuinfo ?
  2. Do you think adding a tp-link tx20u (rtl8852au) would be possible ?

Yeah I have a C7 in use as an AP now, I figured I could drop another device in my setup. Maybe I should use a USB-to-NIC and hook it up to one of the USB ports.


You don't want to go there, really you don't. USB WLAN is already 'bad' to begin with, but Realtek USB WLAN is even worse.

Great stick to it (dumb-AP and managed switch uses) - or look for an 802.11ax capable (OpenWrt supported-) AP in the future, just avoid the pain of USB wireless - USB ethernet (in the form of Realtek rtl8153) is kind of fine, but wireless really isn't.

Kind of fine? is there better hardware or do you refer to the solution?

Thanks mate :blush:

I would always prefer PCIe based ethernet cards (e.g. RTL8125B) over USB based ones (e.g. RTL8153), but among USB ethernet cards, RTL8153 is the preferred option.

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