[NanoPi R5S + UD6S USB WiFi] two wifi-iface cannot work at same time

On wifi-device UD6S (RTL8811CU), i create two wifi-iface:
(1) one used as Client, connet to main router
(2) another used as Master, provide an AP

Now, the problem is that two wifi-iface cannot work at same time.
(1) for connecting to main router, i must disable the Master wifi-iface.
(2) for providing an AP, i must disable the Client wifi-iface.

What is the cause of this problem? How to solve? Thanks a lot.

Not all radios/divers support STA and AP mode at the same time.

Get a 2nd radio, or one that does support both modes at the same time ?

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Thanks a lot.

I also just found that the WiFi used in the article I referred to is AR9223, a PCIe WiFi, not USB WiFi.

Maybe, there not be a USB WiFi that supports both STA and AP modes at the same time.
Maybe I should give up the idea of USB WiFi as a repeater.

Atheros is a waaay better chipset for wireless than the ones from Realtek, I'm even surprised you were able to get it to work as AP, at all.

Like I said, get a 2nd USB wifi stick, or a router, and run it as a wireless repeater, one with two radios, to play it safe :wink:

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I'm even surprised you were able to get it to work as AP, at all.

FriendlyElec makes it work.

get a 2nd USB wifi stick

R5S have only two USB, I can't use them all to plug in USB WiFi. :joy:

Makes what work ?

There's this new cool invention, fresh off the boat, called USB hub.

get USB WiFi to work as AP.

your problem wasn't the AP though, was it ?
but the simultaneous STA and AP mode ...

I want make USB WiFi simultaneous STA and AP mode, working as a WiFi repeater.
But i dont want use two USB WiFi achieving this function.

For now, I hope FriendlyElec releases the SDIO WiFi module for R5S soon.Perhaps it would be easier for SDIO WiFi to implement WiFi Repeater.

yeah, well I guess it's not going to happen, with your current choice of hw....

whatever alternative you're considering, an used openwrt capable router, with (preferably) two radios, will always be the cheapest, and most reliable solution.

Thanks for your comment.

Hi, frollic.
I followed your advice and implemented WiFi Repeater with two USB WiFi.
Your method works well.
Thanks very much.

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