NanoPi R2S: overclocked build?

Is anyone aware of a build for the R2S with the CPU overclocked? I tried to compile it myself but was unsuccessful (I am also a beginner in linux / kernel compiling). Here's how to do it: FriendlyARM wiki

My device comes with a metal heatsink/case, so I'm confident it could handle it.

i believe has overclocks for the r2s. i know others have mentioned the R4s has with that build as well.

Another R2S build is

I use but with an R4S.

Out of those, is there a minimalist build? For instance, I was under the impression that ImmortalWrt was somewhat bloated.

I quite like builds. He has a mini build (no luci barebones) and a max (has docker etc)

You could start with the max and see if you like it. or drop to the mini and add luci and whatever you wanted.

I have installed this mini build, but I see no overclocking option. Do you know how to proceed?

you would have to check vs the immortal builds if he includes the option or not. or check if quintus does.

Did anyone try to get official builds to overclock to 1.6Ghz?

Or maybe some optimizations for WAN performance, so it would have less trouble hitting gigabit WAN speeds.