Nanopi R2S + AP?

So it appears that the Nanopi R2S is now available. With 2 gigabit Ethernet ports (one of which is via USB 3.0), quad-core A53, 1 GB of RAM, 1 USB 2.0 port plus a case, for a mere price of $35 (except that one would need to buy a MicroSD card and get a 2A USB adapter.

Does this sound like a good hardware for router? Are there any better alternatives in the price range for typical house setup, accompanied by some mid-level AP?

i'm also interested on the NanoPi R2S.
I am looking to replace my xiaomi router with something more powerfull in order to run a https proxy, and multiple other service.
i am lost between all the avaible options.
X86 qotom style multi etherne vs thin station with a pci port to add a ethernet card (available in eu) vs
pcengine vs nespressobin vs NanoPi R2S

Well, if you are considering an x86 then R2S isn't the most powerful ARM SBC alternative; you could now get a RPi 4 with 2GB of RAM for $35, plus a case and a USB ethernet. @dlakelan had positive experience with a TP Link adapter, and you can read about the numbers on the forum.

If budget is of concern then the R2S could be the best option in that form factor, for about $25 including case I think, but I read they released it without WLAN (not that you would worry about that much in this use case), but it just doesn't put some limitations on other uses).

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