Nanopi operating system


I have just bought a Nanopi R4S 4Gb. So far so good.

I’ve had quite a few problems getting open wet installed, lots of problems updating the snapshot and installing luci.

Friendlyelec installed just fine and so far seems good. But I think I would prefer openwrt

What OS do you use on your nano pi?

Any ideas why the snapshot is giving loads of errors when updating?

I'm running the latest snapshot and I don't have issues when updating (FriendlyElec is OpenWrt, just a bit customized).

Maybe you should describe what are those "errors when updating" :slight_smile:

Yeah so I install the snapshot. SSH in and the run the poof update and I get errors back about the network connection. Looks like the router can’t see the url.

The internet works fine. Router can ping everything seems fine other than I can’t install luci or update the os.

I’ve googled around and it seems pretty common I’ve tried all the solutions suggested in forums etc but no joy.

I suppose I’m happy with friendly elec but I need to know that it’s equally as good as openwrt.