Nandump from QSDK?

I would like to create a nanddump from a device but the device is nand flash based.

The device in question has a stock qsdk based version of openwrt running linux 4.4.

The chipset is an ipq8074a.

I noticed the device has tftp and wget and I'm wondering if there is pre-compiled binary's somewhere of the nanddump tool or some nand aware tooling that I may install that will work from this older Linux version?

I dont have access to Uboot because of security implemented in the device.

I'm guessing source it is in the package mtd-utils in the openwrt repo?

cat /dev/mtdX > /tmp/mtdX.dump ?

It was suggested on the wiki to use "Nand aware" apps because of the ECC and bad block mapping and not DD unlike MKT devices.

If that will work I can do that.

cat or dd are not nand aware.

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In failsafe mode I noticed the network is not up and working as I expected and I get ubus faults trying to start or configure it.
uci show network says entry not found.
I'm guessing it is disabled by tplink

I'm a little bit lost really as there is no dev/root to mount either and i cant use passwd i just get read only file system.

there is nothing mounted in /rom or / overlay