Nanddump on GoFlex Net

I'm trying to do a backup of my newly acquired GoFlex Net, and for that I believe I need to run nanddump. Having installed it in /usr/bin which is on the path I am unable to run it. When I try, I get

/bin/ash: nanddump: not found

'which' manages to find it and it is set as executable, so what could the problem be?

You don't have the libraries it needs to run.

You can't install a "random", linkable binary without its libraries.


What I can't understand is why ldd doesn't show which libraries are needed. With other programs in /usr/bin such as sed I can run ldd sed and numerous libraries are listed, ldd nanddump /bin/ash just says nanddump: not found.

Guess I need to find a nanddump which is compatible with the version of OpenWrt I'm running...

Maybe this will do:-