My TV wont accept packets anymore after turned off, but can still be turned on by a webapp...?

When i turn off my tv, normally i can still enable it again with my samsung smartthings app.
But now it shows offline in my smartthings app shortly after i turn it off.
after powering down, it also fails the packet test from diagnostics in openwrt Luci. when turned on, it works and i get responses.
However, i can then still turn on the tv using the smartthings app on my phone, and i wonder why if the tv doesnt accept packets. The tv is connected by cable to the router.
Why can the phone still start the tv when on the static ip it wont accept packets anymore?

and as a offtopic problem:
Messing around, i created a static IP for the tv. But now i cannot find this ip anywhere under station list or anywhere else for that matter anymore.
Where is it now located or how do i reverse this?

I have a wireguard vpn enabled for the router, is there a chance this is caused by that? Even though my phone, laptop and desktop pc by lan cable work flawlessly?

Sounds like normal behavior.

:spiral_notepad: Have you asked Samsung (i.e. the manufacturer) why its TV behaves that way?

Correct - you set a static IP - so nothing logs/records it as being issued.


(I assume that's a pseudo-technical term asking where the IP would be displayed. Anyways, it wouldn't be displayed in OpenWrt if you set it as static in the TV - except on the Connections page.)

Remove the static IP from the TV.

  • What is "this"?
  • This inquiry confused me.
  • Are you saying the Samsung TV turning on via a Samsung app is the only problem?

If so, this seems like a Samsung support inquiry.

  • I honestly doubt this
  • It doesn't need to "accept packets" to remain in communication with Samsung's server, nor to maintain connection to the app
  • In any case the app (and TV) is local [to you] and we didn't create them - so it's impossible for us to guess how it works :wink:

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
samsung told me its probably a router problem.
The tv goes offline ~2mins after being turned off, according to the smartthings app of samsung.
through openwrt diagnostics, the tv doesnt accept ping packets anymore. Yet for some minutes afterwards, i can still start the tv again with my samsung phone. When a device doesnt ping back, it means its offline, or?
Then i find it weird that the device still responds to my phone, even though my phone is not connected to the tv. my phone just communicates with the smartthings server, which sends a command to the tv to turn on.

I assume Samsung could/will tell you if this is the intended behavior, since they're the manufacturer of the TV and the app.

It could also mean it stopped allowing you to ping it :wink: (i.e. it's called a firewall). Also, you assume your TV is physically "off" - most modern electronic devices enter "standby power mode" and do not physically power on/off like with a hardware switch (i.e. "vampire power"/"energy vampires"). And believe it or not, TVs were one of the first consumer electronics to employ such wiring/power concepts - as far back as the 1960's.


(and I think you mean "reply to pings" - your term "ping back" would have another technical connotation - which I hope you don't mean)

Not weird at all. That's how quite a few: IoT objects, TVs, IP cameras and other consumer devices work these days. There are many threads in this forum of people asking how to stop their IoT devices, apps, etc. from communicating with the command and control servers, the Internet at-large, etc.

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Ok, my bad then, i thought if you could ping a device, it was still online, because it responded, even if it responds with a "denied".

I assume Samsung could/will tell you if this is the intended behavior

I wish it was behaving normally, but that's not the case. It always worked out good, the whole night the tv is off, and when going out of bed in the morning, the tv automatically turns on, because a motion sensor saw movement. But now it doesn't, because the tv is constantly offline. Samsung claims the router is the fault, thats why i made this thread, but it's based on thinking of a flase understanding of pinging. Of course i already tried the whole samsung checklist that ends up with factory resetting, but for some reason the tv stays offline after turned off. I didn't have this problem with my last router, but also found it weird that this router would cause it.

:open_mouth: ???

Since we have no clue how the Samsung TV and App connect, etc. - we wouldn't know. Next, you just randomly mentioned a 3rd device (a motion sensor) - there's no way to guess from your first post - that you're actually referencing a motion sensor instead of a TV and App.

Yea, Samsung Support will probably be best to inquire with.


  • What "responded" with "denied"?
  • Can you show this message, please?

My setup is that when a motion sensor detects movement, it communicates this over zigbee to the smartthings hub. that hub is connected with wifi to the router. It has a programming(routine) to then tell the tv to turn on. But it will not execute because the tv shows as offline. Yet i can start the tv with my phone, but only for like 5 minutes until it completely goes offline and the ability to start it with my phone is gone.
I have to start it with the remote control then, which basically sends a IR command.

I did not have this problem with my last router, which is why im trying to see if this can be router/openwrt related.

What "responded" with "denied"?

The ping from openwrt diagnostics resulted in 100% packet loss (when turned off), so i guess it denied the connection to the TV. and there is still a connection open somewhere, or else i would not be able to turn it on again with my phone. So, i would say it responded with a "denied". but still used the word "if" in that sentence, because i'm not too sure about it all. I'm not an expert, not even close, as you have probably noticed.

Yea, perhaps someone else can read the thread that knows more about Zigbee, Smartthings hub, etc.

I hope the best for your setup.

I thought we covered that part already. In any case "not replying" is not technically identical to the phrase "denied". (I asked for clarity because "denied" implies something different.)

Zigbee is really not a part of it all. it's something to explain my setup, but can be removed and the issue would be the same. The issue is that with this router, the tv shows as offline in the smartthings app. I did not have that with the previous router.
I appriciate the assistance and knowledge you have provided :slight_smile:

FYI, Samsung should know why it shows offline; and further - they should know how to reconfigure the router (i.e. what setting to change) if that's what they claim causes the problem.

Samsung would also know why their TV doesn't respond to ping after you power it off, yet it can still be controlled by a Smartthings hub (I assume it uses Zigbee and not via WiFi or Internet - but you seem to insist it's Ethernet/Wireless Ethernet - we can't guess, not crystal ball - the OEM knows :wink: ).

Maybe. You never describe how it's connected or used; or more importantly, you never say if all of this worked before you setup Wireguard.

Also see:

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