My ISP local services stopped on OpenWrt

I live in Iraq, my ISP offers some local streaming and cinema services IP addresses (like

Sonce I installed openwrt, I lost access to these services, how can I fix this ?

I login via PPPoE, and I can see my ISP Dns servers already being used as shown in attached picture.
Thanks in advance

Well in your above picture there is already something strange. as an IP address could never reach the gateway of as it has a netmask of a single hosts. Can you ping your Gateway
What is also strange that all that are private IP's.

Yes I can ping (time=2ms)
And btw, after messing around, I fixed my issue by unticking "Rebind protection"

Rather than unticking this try white listing the UP or URL, it is the next option below the tick and has a big + button.


You mean IP or URL ?
But if my ISP decides to change IP's of local services I will have to whitelist them again, right ?

What is the problem with disabling rebind protection ?



Thanks guys for your help

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