My ideal setup [router-for-vpn]

Hey guys, new to this whole space. As of late I've been more concerned with privacy. I'd like to act on my concerns by getting a vpn router. what I'd like to do is be able to use the vpn router the same way i'm currently using it which is

  • gaming- 3-4 consoles, connected 2-3 of them connected through the ethernet cable usually, 1-2 connected wifi. streaming/ gaming.
    *3 pc/laptops, 1 connected through wifi.
    *phones for wifi connection.

I'd ideally like to keep the same level of speed through out when in use. (i dont expect all of these gadgets on at the same time, but when the families together, it happens.)

what router and software should i use? would console games slow down, shooters and fighters are the big ones played. I dont want to worry about lag.

Upon buying a vpn router, i have to purchase a monthly subscription to a vpn service right?

On a side note how do you guys test yourselves to know your information is being protected with the hardware/software/service being used?

thanks ahead guys happy holidays.


Your question is unclear because you asked too many thing without any knowledge and insufficient information.

A VPN just moves the privacy issue from your ISP to the VPN operator... Unless you live under an oppressing government, I never understood the privacy of a VPN.

if you do filesharing (aka torrents) you'll understand the need for a VPN (or a proxy) but privacy is of essence in this case (aka no logs...tested in courtrooms..)

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Gaming through a VPN is almost always slower since you have a double hop through the Internet (from you to the VPN server then from there to the game server) and also time taken to encrypt and decrypt every packet.


is it possible to have individual ports go through a vpn and others free to use the regular option as usual?

what would help to clarify my question?

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seems like all governments are getting more oppressive these days, no?

  • budget
  • wan speed

did you read the link?

also... best not to mix in too many random vpn config questions...

two threads in one can conficious...

budget 100$- 300$, Ideally id like to keep as much of my $ as i can. Ease of use along with security is the aim.
wan speed? I'm assuming your asking what kinda service I'm paying for. i get about 300mb down and 1gb up from my local internet provider.

I did the read the link, i understand what I'm looking at on the chart but i don't know how to narrow down which would work for me.

understood on the mixing of options.

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what kind of information should i be aiming to get to help clarify my post?

is this a typo... 1gb up is highly unusual...

*300down 20mb up according to the speed test.

based on what you've said... I strongly recommend you look at the synology-rt2600ac ... ( non-openwrt )... and not just because I own one...

i've never really used it's OEM software but there are many reports good features in a simple UI... ( I hope other members come up with alternatives to this but it's the only one that comes to mind unsure what vpn support there is OEM for r7800/nbg6817 but you should check those out too they come with the bonus of openwrt support also... )

my key concern here is ease of use for you... and high(er) end routers with good OEM software will likely fit your requirements better than running openwrt...

otherwise yes... ~230USD+ is about right...

  • yes... you will need to purchase monthy/yearly etc. vpn subscription
  • in all honesty QoS/SQM + WiFi are your main requirements here... so base your decision on excellent support for this ( OEM if possible, openwrt will do it but you will have to invest some time and attention learning stuff )...
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