Mwan3 working on router but not on lan [Solved]

I´m using Openwrt 19.07.4 r11208 and mwan 2.8.13-1. I have 2 wan connections, 1 adsl and 1 dhcp to another router. When I unplug the adsl, mwan changes over to the 2nd wan. When I ssh into the router I can ping and dns resolve no problem, everything seems to work ok. From my lan I can neither ping or dns resolve anything. It seems like a firewall issue. When the adsl is plugged in the internet works fine but when the adsl fails and the mwan3 changes over to the secondary wan the internet stops working but only for outside the router.

To answer my own question, I added a firewall rule for wanb, I just copied wana rules.

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