Mwan3 with multiple SSIDs

I have previously posted my question about enabling mwan3 with 2 interfaces.
wlan0 which is connected to Wi-Fi (SSID1) and eth0.2 is bound to the physical blue WAN port (VLAN 2)
the WAN port is connected to another another router which acts as a Wi-Fi bridge (SSID2).
Assuming there are multiple SSIDs I can connect to, and I want to load balance between these SSIDs using mwan3, do I need a new router to act as a wireless bridge for each SSID in order to load balance between them all?
How can I simply use 1 router which can connect to these wireless networks and load balance between them? Because as I connect to one wireless network, the previous one gets disconnected for some reason.

Your radio cannot connect to multiple channels at the same time. So you are limited to one channel. And most radios have limitation of 1 station mode (a.k.a client).
So if you wanted to connect to multiple wwans then you'll need to have multiple radios.

Thank you.
Are there routers with more than 1 radio? Is there a table which describes how many radios are there for each router?

Any 2,4/5GHz router has 2 radios.
Otherwise you can look for boards with expansion slots.
Check here the list with dual band.
Or you can connect other bridges/routers by cable.

What about 3x3 \ 4x4 \ MIMOs? Can I infer with this information anything about the number of radios the router has?
Also, if my router has a usb port, can I use it to connect a USB wifi dongle to it and use it as another radio?

I don't think it is connected. I have a 2x2 Mimo Ubiquity UAP-AC-Lite which cannot use different channels for each SSID.
If there is a USB port and you can make a USB dongle work I don't see why not.

@Joey, I have a very similar arrangement to you:

  • MiWiFi Mini (OpenWrt 19.07.2, r10947-65030d81f3) with mwan3 sharing connections on wlan1 (SSID1, built in 2.4ghz radio) and eth0.2.
  • tl-wr703n (OpenWrt 18.06-SNAPSHOT, r7812-aced9de9a4, from Cezary Jackiewicz (obsy), working as a bridge between SSID2 (on wlan0, the built-in radio) and the MiWiFi Mini (ethernet).

Works ok, but like you I would prefer to have the main router (MiWiFi Mini) connect to both SSIDs.

I tried adding a 2.4ghz USB radio (148f:3070 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT2870/RT3070 Wireless Adapter) to the MiWiFi Mini, but couldn't get it working. Looked like a driver problem and I haven't had time to go back and investigate.

I expect that once the USB radio is working, everything else will be pretty straightforward.

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