Mwan3 with Dynamic RV Connections

I have OpenWRT set up in my RV with 4 "WAN" connections. I have a routed VLAN when plugged in at home, an ALFA Camp Pro WIFI for wireless at campsites, a USB tethering on an old phone that stays in the RV and then a USB tethering connection for my phone if I need a bit more data. I've also got WireGuard set up to connect back to my home and bird to dynamically set up the routes for the home networks (several subnets and other WireGuard connections, etc). Things work fine, WAN failover happens as expected and WireGuard is refreshed to use the new WAN, but there are two things I hope to improve.

  1. When the camp WIFI has a captive portal, it can cause the link to not come up to accept the portal. The current campsite didn't allow ping so MWAN3 wouldn't bring up the connection. The ALFA is connected via Ethernet and on a separate subnet, so I can login to the web interface and connect to the WIFI. I was able to set up the client WiFi on the ALFA to connect to to accept the captive portal, but I'm hoping for a more elegant solution (not having to change WiFi). I tried to remove the ping IPs and set the initial connection to ONLINE, but it never brought up the connection (although I was only checking the status page and later I saw that I could access the captive portal even though the status was offline). I was hoping for a quick "Force Online" option that wouldn't have to remove the config, etc or being able to proxy my laptop connection through that link (the ALFA always has the same IP address).
  2. When not connected to the routed VLAN at home, I'd like all traffic (except for a couple of destination IP addresses for work VPN) to be routed though my home WireGuard connection. I tried to put routes in the tables set up by MWAN3, but couldn't route the traffic through the WireGuard connection, it kept using the default table. I think I'm not quite understanding how MWAN3 uses the tables. Most of the routing configuration I've seen for MWAN3 has to do with routing clients through specific WANs, but I want to rout traffic differently based on the WAN that's active.