Mwan3: Usage with 2 SIMs (RUT955)?

The RUT955 can have 2 SIMs installed. So it should be possible to use the second one as a switchover alternative. Is there any recommended config/procedure for this ?

You've already found it - mwan3.

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As there is only one modem, but 2 SIMs can be installed, selected by sim_select=1/2 in /etc/config/system, does mwan3 handle this ? If yes, how to configure this special scenario ? Manually, I would have to tear down wwan, use uci to select other SIM, and start wwan again.

Ah, you didn't mention that part in the 1st post (and I'm not familiar enough with the device) :slight_smile:

If that's the case, I'd try to set up two WANs, one with sim1, and one with sim2 defined. with sim, and one with sim2 defined... good idea. But how to do ? I can not individually define the sim_select in etc/config/network . Its done in /etc/config/system

Check if mwan3 can do file execution on fail over, if so, you could trigger a script to make the necessary changes through uci.

Thanx, that sounds reasonable. Will check.

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mwan3 calls /etc/mwan3.user. This should do the job.

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Since you actually only have one modem, it might be enough to trigger actions on WAN going down, using the hotplug interface.

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