Mwan3 not work on OpenWrt 22.03.2

I removed nft, firewall4 and replaced them with iptables and firewall3.
Mwan3 load balancing not work. All traffic goes through first wan interface.
On mwan3 startup i see this errors:

sh: -gt: argument expected
sh: -gt: argument expected
sh: -gt: argument expected
/sbin/uci: Parse error (invalid character in name field) at line 177, byte 23
/sbin/uci: Parse error (invalid character in name field) at line 177, byte 23

But mwan3 status shows that everything started normally. Please help to solve the problem.

Please provide the entire /etc/config/mwan3 file.

P.S. Replacement of firewall4 with firewall is not needed. It is sufficient to install iptables-nft and ip6tables-nft (even if IPv6 is not used).

P.P.S. Maybe you forgot to install ip6tables?

I reverted the 21.02 version.
Later I will try to configure 22.03 with iptables-nft packages and let you know.
Thank you.

FYI - a counter point to share. I have a fully working OpenWRT 22.03 / mwan3 (with 3 WAN connections) implementation working flawlessly - on a Netgear R7800.

I did not remove nftables, nor fw4, that is not required (at least with my setup) to use mwan3 on 22.03. It is a very stock/vanilla installation (Stable 22.03 | mwan3 | SQM | NextDNS).

This version has been the most stable, highest performing version yet. I also require TTL modification - this is now done natively through nftables (no need to add iptables-nft separately). mwan3 installs the software needed to work along side fw4/nftables.

Note: I have not upgraded to 22.03.02 - this is base 22.03.

Be glad to provide any additional information or details as needed.

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Thank you. After installing iptables-nft and ip6tables-nft (without replacing fw4 with fw3) mwan3 worked on 22.03.