Mwan3 lower speed

Hello everybody!

I installed mwan3 and config successfully. Bandwidth was equally divided for two interface.

But speed lower than each line.

Test by or download multi secsion, the speed still lower than each line
Line 1 = 40mpbs, line 2 = 40mpbs
line 1 + line 2 = 20mpbs
If I stop one interface, the speed is 40mpbs
Please help!!! Thanks in advance

MWAN Status - Detail

Interface status:
interface wan is online 00h:20m:58s, uptime 00h:31m:20s and tracking is active
interface wanb is online 00h:00m:36s, uptime 00h:00m:43s and tracking is active

Current ipv4 policies:

wanb (50%)
wan (50%)

Current ipv6 policies:


Directly connected ipv4 networks:

Directly connected ipv6 networks:

Active ipv4 user rules:
12 680 S https tcp -- * * multiport dports 443
33 4979 - load_balanced all -- * *

Active ipv6 user rules:
0 0 S https tcp * * ::/0 ::/0 multiport dports 443
1 76 - balanced all * * ::/0 ::/0

I doubt speedtest (nor mwan3) can spread the traffic across two interfaces.

And 50% of 40 is 20mbps.

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mwan3 cannot measure the bandwidth. sometimes it is 30mbps. i tried with tplink 840n v4 and tplink archer c5 v4

Please help!

I believe mwans is able to spread multistream traffic across the different wans, it works and i can verify since thats what i use currently, 3 wans total of 140 mbps, when measured through speedtest i get close to that.
I think it might be something to do with his configuration

Try enabling packet steering:


You can find this setting under: Network > Interfaces > Global network options.