Mwan3 + ICMP + port forwaring

I installed a fresh Openwrt on Archer C20. After I got mwan3 successfully working from the router's local network, I cannot reach the outside of the wan - no port forwards or ICMP reply. This was on the 21.02 snapshot. I remember a couple of years ago I have done similar setup on 15.01 Openwrt and there was no problem with outside of the wan. Back to the current topic - I am able to ping the wan interface from the router's internal network. I also checked the firewall, which is a copy of the 15.01 configuration.

Is there a way to diagnose whether the packets are lost in the mwan3 routing? E.g. verbose logging of the mwan3 interface? Or has anything been changed since 15.01 regarding mwan3 wan configuration?

Just started configuration from scratch and it turned out a faulty VPN configuration eating the incoming packets.

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