MWAN3: Httping shows interface as up when unplugged

I'm using OpenWRT 19.7.07 as well as MWAN3 2.8.16-1

Due to ICMP being blocked by my ISP, I'm using httping to track IPs that are used by larger players like Cloudflare, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. (to avoid any issues with DNS not resolving when an interface goes down)

Below is my MWAN3 config:

option enabled '1'
        option family 'ipv4'
        option count '1'
        option initial_state 'online'
        option size '56'
        option timeout '3'
        option interval '3'
        option up '2'
        list track_ip ''
        list track_ip ''
        list track_ip ''
        option reliability '1'
        option failure_interval '1'
        option recovery_interval '1'
        option down '2'
        option track_method 'httping'
        option max_ttl '60'
        option check_quality '0'

For some reason however, when I unplug my primary WAN, the logs show the ping failing but the interface remains up according to MWAN3.

The logs reflect something like the following:

Check (httping) failed for target "" on interface wan (eth0.2)
Check (httping) failed for target "" on interface wan (eth0.2)
Check (httping) failed for target "" on interface wan (eth0.2)
Lost 4 ping(s) on interface wan (eth0.2)

Why would MWAN3 continue to think that the interface is online even when it is completely unplugged?

Might be a bug. Might be worth submitting a bug report here:, make sure to mention @aaronjg and @feckert. httping usage will be less common than the standard ICMP method with mwan3track.

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