MWAN3 configuration gets deleted

Hi all!

I am facing some issues with the MWAN3 configuration.
I had already configured MWAN3 in OpenWRT, and the failover configurations were successful; only load balancing was left. Suddenly, the configuration was removed.

I reinstalled the package and tried to do the configuration from the beginning. But now the issue is that once I do the configuration on the Luci interface, It gets deleted as soon as I apply the changes

Please give me some insights into this

What is the output of:

uci export mwan3; df -h; mount; ls -lah /etc/config/

Thank a lot for your response
please find the outputs of the commands

I think its related to the filesystem

Yes, it seems you have reached its limits.
Also when you paste some console output avoid using images and prefer to paste in preformatted text (the </> button).

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