Mwan3 and repeater mode

I have a WR1043ND router with 19.07
I currently use it as repeater of several smartphone hotspots: with TravelMate it automatically switches among available hotspots, maintaining a single SSID station as client access point.
I was wondering if MWAN3 would allow me to connect to 2 or more hotspots at the same time, to increase bandwidth.
I could connect one smartphone through usb and the other via wifi.
Can someone advise on this please?

If you have 2 connections available at the same time with different metric then you can configure mwan3 to load balance or failover them.

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It has never been possible to increase the bandwidth of a link even if it is double with a single access point on the other hand. We can only choose the best connection. To do what you ask you need a double , triple, quad ... access system

You can make the most of both uplinks if the protocol allows multiple connections, like torrents or download managers.
Single connection applications will be limited to one connection though.

Infos for multipath TCP:

Functionnality is similar to this: