Mwan wan lan and other confusions

I know what this terms mean and i have some knowledge of using networks
in linux with a graphical gui.
Im confused how to set the proper physic settings for alle the connectors
shown. Because i tried many times to find a logical way to set each of to
a network - unless the router was not anymore accessible. lol Yet i made
a backup before too much changes but it dont keeps the settings after a
reboot. WG is openwrt 18.06 and i want update.!

wan2 "missing extensions" are already installed and running.

You neither have lost any word about what you try to achive with this setup nor verbalized any question? Just confusion. ;D We just can guess on what we can see on the screen. What guide did you try to follow?

Beside that. If you are not able to save/keep settings over a reboot it is highly likely that you don't have any free space on flash rom left. To say more about this you need to connect to console (ssh) and issue the command (post the output here):

df -h

Die Frage ist was wird miteinander verbunden? Mir kommt das ganze chaotisch

Yes it looks indeed chaotic. Multiwan is a quite complex setup and nobody can diagnose your setup with this picture only. The "magic" is happen under "Network - LoadBalancing/MWAN3" (where you "connect" the interfaces) and not on Network Interface Overview.

I don't even know where to start with help. Basically the steps are:

  • manage your physical ports: usually this means splitting off a lan port to use as a wan port (if your router is supporting this). you should know howto handle vlans.
  • setup your wan interfaces with proper metrics. you should end up with 4 interfaces for a 2 line setup (wana4 wanb4 wana6 wanb6).
  • then go for mwan setup: configure interfaces, members, policies and rules.

But first I would try to solve the memory issue and try to use the latest realease of OpenWrt (if possible). As you are using a 18.06 version I guess your device is very limited in terms of flash rom space and ram.

And try to answer in english. The main language here is english and others (with more knowledge) will be able to help also.

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Ty. It is a WG 3526 16MB with Quectel EP 06-E LTE card and it
seems with plugged-in 32GB sd card the firmware can handle only
250MB of all root /tmp squashfs. I kicked 18.06 and yet
I already tested all 19.xx openWRT firmwares and it made more a
mess then a working solution.
With 19.07.4 it had too much faults - newer is not always better! (I miss
here the errata as Intel does provide with any flash update) In within, I
tried WiFiX/Goldenorb firmware but his newest flash is based on WRT
18.06 so this ended in a loop trying some other firmware.
Goldenorb was able to connect to the internet, working lan but the LTE
transferred no data.

Your text is hard to understand/follow. The hardware specs of your device don't indicating any limit. So I don't understand why there is no space left. What value is shown under System - Software - Free space?

While the mwan3 setup guide is very long and written in plain text. What it makes it hard to understand for beginners. The following link may help you to get a working setup:

It is a very compressed overview how to setup things. But be aware: It cannot replace reading documents if you want a reliable setup.

This videos may help also to understand things better:


The device provides 16MB and WiFix uses 8MB then 8MB is free.
With the stock? firmware from China it showed a connection but
there was no "connect only to a defined provider" or similar, avail.
WiFix works a bit better then Rooter. :upside_down_face:

In general, i expected that openWRT is an improvement of stock
firmware matching for each device and not something who need
tinkering for about several weeks to get it working. :-1:

A possible solution seems here:
This is my last try. After the device will be sent back and im refunded.

Nice expectation and a great attitude asking for help on this forum.
A multi wan setup especially in combination with a LTE solution is surely not an easy task and is surely not a "one size fits all" solution that would require some manual work to get it going.


Hmm ... In general this is a free-as-it-is project. You didn't pay anyone involved creating this software. So you don't have to expect anything. If you are not happy with your 45$ imported chinise hardware/firmware just get your refund open your wallet and buy the right equipment fitting your needs.


I have been trying to get these particular 3G dongles to work however after hours of scouring Google others and the OpenWRT wiki i haven't had much luck.
The documentation i have found is either incredibly confusing or ill relevant to my hardware.

As you offer this on "as is" base you have to declare this clearly that this is a hobby project and not a professional solution or a professionally intended replacement for a standard router.

I offer this ZTE/Cioswi WG3562 for sale. Euro power plug and 4 w-lan antennas and the enclosure with a Quectel EP 06-E modem.
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