Mwan + Openvpn

I have two routers with Mwan3 and Openvpn. The 15.01 release works without hassle. The 21.02 new configured router using same openvpn config as the old one. The connection from lan zone works from wan local network works, but when the packets are being forwarded to the 21.02 wan I am getting on the server

tls error tls key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds

and the connection cannot be established. Once again local zone and connection from right behind the wan works without problems. Anyone has met this behavior?

Isolate the issue by disabling and stopping mwan3 at least temporarily.

I stopped the mwan3 service, but still getting the tls error tls key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds . I can still connect from the network right behind the wan port, but it fails on forwarded packets. Might be the openvpn configuration bound to local networks only?

There are changes in OpenVPN 2.5 which affect compatibility.
So, you probably need to update the VPN config.

I checked the openvpn config file - disabled the local in the push directive, but still nothing. Also tried to add nat rule to rewrite the IP. As said, I can connect even from both wan ports and it is answering in the right direction wan, but this is the first time I've met this erratic behavior. The forwarded packets are somehow not liked.

Is the rc3 opkg channel using same binaries as the stable channel?

The feed URLs must match your release version.
By the way, OpenVPN works fine for me on 21.02.0 following the wiki.

I tried to disable the wanb completely in the switch network interface and after that I flashed the stable version. I also uploaded the config from the backup, but the behavior persists. There must be something non-standard on the underlying network layer of openvpn.

I just checked the realtime connection, the server and client is communicating both ways. Very strange, because the config works locally.

I have got the solution now. I have previously configured a routable loopback interface 'self' with mwan3 15.01 configuration. Disabling the interface allowed Openvpn the TLS connection.

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