Mwan Issue with Mobile Providers

I have 2 mobile connections using LTE CPE devices and 1 cable connection, that use prepaid data bundles and are balanced using MWAN. But the issue that is whenever one of the connections goes offline as the data limit is reached, the internet stops working and starts showing the mobile provider page saying you are out of data.

In ideal case I would expect it to use the other mobile provider connection instead of showing out of data error page.

Any idea how to fix this?

LAN IP - Mobile 1:
LAN IP - Mobile 2:
LAN IP - Cable -

To better understand your scenario: Are you using the old mwan, or the new mwan3?

I don't know about your particular ISPs policies, but one test you could try is to ping an external server when your data package(s) has reached its limit(s). If in that case you can't, you could use that method for switching to other WAN.

Thanks for your reply, I am a beginner and using mwan3 by watching youtube videos :smiley:

When the data limit is over, if I open a website it will redirect to the interent providers website showing out of balance message. Its like the internet is up and running but the websites will be redirected to and out of balance page each time when we try to open a website.

Ideally I would like it to swtich to wanB if wanA is showing out of balance message page.

I hope this makes sense, please let me know if anything else is needed.

I added the below tracking IP Addresses:

now I have changed the tracking IP Addresses to:

all from different dns providers, hoping that will fix the issue.

Confirm that those actually don't ping when the account is over the limit. They probably reroute everything including DNS to their servers when over limit, to make sure all attempts to access the web will "bounce" to their buy more service page.

So a numeric IP that is not a well known DNS server may be the best test to use.

Load balance and failover are sort of divergent concepts, I'm not sure how to combine them into one configuration.

Yes, but that's a dns and/or http redirect towards a captive portal. To ping an IP address (from the command prompt) runs at a lower level, and we don't know whether your ISPs allows you to do that or not when the data plan has been exhausted. The thing is the only way to know for sure is to ask your ISP direclty, or look into the small print, or recreate the scenario and try.

Anyways, the method I was referring is the one you're configuring now. You will tell whether is working or not.

This is helpful, I will test this and update the thread.

Thanks a lot feliciano and mk24!