MWAN failover on power up


I've got an Openwrt router setup with two WAN internet services. Primary WAN is wired, Backup WAN is 4g (delivered from a 4g router).
In normal conditions if my primary WAN fails, MWAN automatically fails over to the 4G router. Once Primary service is restored then it comes back on automatically.

The other day we had a complete power cut. When the power came back on the Primary WAN takes ~3mins to come back online. I therefore thought it would use 4G for a short time period, but it didn't. Should MWAN failover work immediately on power up?

One cannot understand much from the screenshot, however it depends on whether you consider the interfaces up on service start. Furthermore when they are switched to down state, they must succeed in 8 tests to be again considered in up state.

Thanks Trendy. I need to do some further testing, but it's tricky to get a downtime window.
Is there a way to see any diagnostic info showing which route is the current preferred route in real time?

mwan3 status from command line reports all important stuff.

Thanks. What I don't know is was my 4G service working when everything came back on. I need to simulate the different scenarios. I've also ordered a cheap UPS for future power cuts :slight_smile: