Mwan combining 2 different internets from the same isp


I have 2 x 1gbps internet on the same ISP.

just the values I got from the internet:
930mbps download
57mbps upload

I combine them with mwan. but my internet speed stays at 1.4gbps.

speed should be: 1.8gbps - 1.9gbps.

The funny thing is that my upload speed is getting close to each other.
I am getting 114mbps upload.
But I could not increase the download speed.

I am open to your suggestions.

There are not many routers powerful enough to shuffle 2 GB/s LAN <> WAN so perhaps a hardware/CPU limitation?


It is installed as openwrt ct and runs on a 1 cpu 10 core server. I checked the kernel limitation but unfortunately there is no such problem.

How are you measuring this?
In a nutshell speed is not aggregated, as you cannot load balance the packets, only the connections. So you'd need some benchmark which opens multiple connections, like a torrent.
You could aggregate the packets if you had a server in the internet with at least 4Gbps connection and you would create 2 tunnels from OpenWrt to that server, then bond the tunnels.


It should be so when we think logically.
2 x 930 download mbps speed.
total speed should be in the range of 1860 - 1800 mbps.
because I can get it in upload, it's 114 mbps.

Are you load balancing the two connections in any way ?

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yes it is balanced. but this is not exactly what i want. Combining 2 internet speeds and increasing the speed.

The upload speed doubles, so the upload speed I get in a single pppoe is 57mbps, when I combine it with mwan, I can reach 114 mbps. but why doesn't the same apply to download?

Balance how?

Imagine a big file, let's say 10gb, how will you distribute the transfer?

load already balanced 50% 50%

I can get 114mbps while uploading. but I can't get 2 x 930 mbps while downloading. only between 1300-1400mbps.

Great, now answer the 2nd question.

like it does at upload speed :slight_smile:

Using both internet at full capacity. and tear it apart;

5gb wan
5gb wanb

Shouldn't it logically work like this?

As @trendy said, if/when you have a transfer protocol capable of doing it ...