MWAN and WireGuard can't coexist or can they?

Hi, I’ve been a long-time unregistered lurker but this is my first registered post. I’ve researched the forums and never found the correct answer even though one thread said it’s possible. He never posted how to do it though and it’s over 2 years old :frowning: Here’s what I’m trying to do: My main internet connection is a 5g/LTE connection on wan1 and my backup is an ethernet connection on wan. This combo works fine in load balancer and when the 5g/Lte connection fails (wan1), the ethernet connection takes over without a problem and falls back when the 5g/Lte comes back online. Easy Peazy. If I enable WireGuard, the load balancer breaks and shows a failure on each interface. There are no errors in the log and I have to turn off WireGuard and restart mwan3 to get failover (load balance) back. My guess is I need to configure something for it to work (VPNpr, something else?) or is this even a possible config due to loadbalancer and wireguard not able to work together (wireguard layer3)?. I don't even know where to begin to fix this or if it's fixable. Be gentle, I’m still learning and need to be bottle fed. Thanks for having me.

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hey, should be working fine if u tune up all correctly, show ur configs files bro, greetings