MWAN 3 status translated

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Not sure if this is right place but i am creating a export function to export statistics from MWAN3 to our external server for devices in our network

There are 3 fields that i have no idea what they mean for example score i assume is reliability score is it a score out of 10 with 10 being worst and 0 being most stable or something in that line

hope this is clear enough i removed all the fields i do know to avoid any confusion

 "wan": {
                       # "age": 4, - what is this age 
                        #"score": 9, - //is this a quility score out of 10 ?
                       # "turn": 110, - // What is a turn 

I believe the score is the counter of failed ping tests. If you have option interface down 5, it starts from 5 and is reduced every time a ping fails.
I don't know about the rest though. How are you extracting these?

Hi @trendy

I am doing a ubus call

ubus call mwan3 status
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Hello, after a quick lookup in the package (

turn seems to correspond to the number of times the mwan3track script perform its logic to determine the state of the interface (example: do pings to check that the interface is up)
age looks like the number of seconds for which the mwan3track script has been tracking the interface


I had a look and age is connected with the ping interval, basically counts how many seconds ago was the last ping test.
Score starts from interface down +1 value. For example I have 5 and I can see score 6 under normal operation.

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Thanks guys for assisting gives me a much better idea of how I can use this data much appreciated

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