MultiWAN (mwan3) using one port on LEDE

Hello, I hope everyone is well!

I have a question that I hope someone can answer.

Currently, I am running LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT r5456-bd45e15 on a Netgear WNDR3800CH (WNDR3800 Charter Edition). Everything with the router and the firmware is working beautifully and I couldn't ask for any better performance!

I desire to deploy a MultiWAN configuration with this router and seek guidance, proper procedure, and suggestions to properly configure and deploy this feature to meet the needs of my network.

Currently, the router's WAN port is connected to one of the ports on a CPE Bonded ADSL2+ modem that has been configured to operate in "Transparent Bridging" mode.

Currently with this configuration, any and all devices that are connected to the CPE's bridge are able to perform a DHCP request and get a unique public IP address from the ISP, regardless of whether plugged directly into the CPE, plugged into a switch that is also plugged directly into the CPE, connected to the wifi interface in the CPE, or connected to "virtual switch" running in ESXi which is plugged directly into the CPE, of course as long as each connected device has a unique MAC address.

Reading documentation online, it appears that a proper MultiWAN configuration requires the use of more than 1 port of the router.

Instead of using multiple ports to connect from the router back to the CPE, is it possible to create multiple virtual WAN interfaces in the router, each with a unique MAC address, and then tie them all into one single WAN port?

If this is not possible using MWAN3 but can be achieved through another method using this router and LEDE, I am open to your suggestions, and also hopefully your guidance.

Thank you so very much!

Hi! See my notes about MWAN3 (afaik is newer than MultiWan opkg package)

If you are confused about "using one port" see this:
Basically you should remove one port from currently vlan with all lanports and create a new vlan and add it there, you should add CPU port (sometimes is port 0, sometimes 1, sometimes 5, depending on hardware) and add it tagged (with t)... this is because CPU must need to know where to redirect packages and know from where it comes too)
If you have luci installed you can get help using it:

It will be easier to do with that.
If you need more help, let me know.

Did you were able to solve your problem ? please post your findings here, Thanks!