Multiwan dsl and SQM

Hi, new here.

I have been running pfsense on a little powerhouse nuc for the last couple years. I have 2 dsl lines from frontier communications. One is configured at 23/2 and the other at 18/2.5. I am working on getting them configured the same but for now that is what I have. They are both sitting in the configured DMZ and have load balancing and failover configured. After months of horrible buffer bloat and packet loss I am giving up on pfsense. FQ_Codel does not work properly in a multi-wan config on pfsense.

Enter WRT. I would like to use the SQM feature. How should I configure the lines in the setup? I have an "obtainable rate", a "link speed", and then bandwidth tests. I have seen some references to altering things a bit for ATM based services which is why I am here.

Thank you for any help!

I should add, when I have had this horrible packet loss on pfsense it has been limited to the firewall reporting it. I do not see the loss on the modems and all of the ISP line tests have come up clean.

Start off by just putting your speeds, and select ATM as the link layer adaptation. Per packet overhead, try 40 or so. Mainly guess at or larger than reality for per packet overhead. Most should be less than 40 so it's an ok starting point.

OK, I can do that.

If it matters, I am trying to improve stability and performance for world of warcraft(multiple machines), netflix/youtubeTV, and my work VPN. If I had to pick one I would say the most annoying drops are wow first then the work VPN(don't tell my boss lol).

After initially setting it to 40 is there something I need to do to tweak it from there?

You are using MWAN3? I would suggest to provide a static IP to the PCs where you play WoW and use the policy routing to dedicate this to one of the DSL lines so it's consistently always on the same WAN.

You might consider devoting things like a smart TV or streaming device to the other WAN.

unfortuantely I need the combined bandwidth for a few other things. Does load balancing cause known issues?

Remember that the "load balancing" is only on a per-connection basis. No single connection will get full bandwidth

You can perhaps just target UDP to one WAN that's going to be a lot of the in-game traffic.

actually I take it back... I'm reading that TCP port 3724 is the bulk of the traffic. So you could just target those particular connections to one of the WANs and target your streaming TV or whatever to the other WAN.

Can I do that and still use the load balancing for things like torrent downloading?

Yes it's doable in theory, but I'm not sure how to configure it with the mwan3 config.