Multiple wan bonding with OpenWrt

I am considering to use

Any suggestions on this ?

What I tried ?

  1. Edgemax 12p which burned out
    2.speedify ( costly and performance not there )
    3.On pfsense I got stuck here where I really can't bond them. Stick connections was an issue also building it on a wm was not a great choice

Does the forum search for openmptcp yield anything usefull for you?

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Genious (:slight_smile:

I am new to openwrt and to the mptc

Curious if I can get an authentic response

Tried and hassled too much with

MultiWAN : Loadbalancing TCP connections over several lines. Each stream is limited by the 50/10 MBit/s of your connection.

Wanna go for it. Don't know if it is worth doing it

MPTCP-VPS : One TCP connection is split into peaces and transmitted via multiple DSL-Lines to a virtual private server (VPS) and combined there. However, you can say that your bandwidth of the tcp connection is approx the combination of your DSL-Connections.

OpenMPTCProuter is a great software based on OpenWrt and MPTCP kernel.
But the support is limited to a number of devices only.

I used openmptcprouter for months before moving to my customized builds. For my usage, openmptcprouter was heavily bloated which caused the device to reboot frequently.

I am currently using a fork of openwrt with mptcp along with MPTCP enabled kernel in a VPS hosted in DigitalOcean.

Here is the github repo:

Test results in MT7621 Netgear R6220:

jayata thanks for the response

It looks like I am late to the game ^^^

I have installed on a virtualbox but could not access it. Even thoug i have host-only network adapter attached. The main page does not load on which i have updated from 100 to 200.

I am on 0.54.7 maybe it is too early and there is not much there that i can resolve.

I have asked the question here

What WAN connection do you plan on using?

Do you have any OpenWrt support system where you can test the bonding perfomance?