Multiple VPNs with routing table

I want the router to connect to three VPNs (openVPN) and then use a routing table to decide which one to use. Can this be done?

yes :wink:

(A little clarity on how you want to select which VPN to use would be helpful)

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I'm in Japan, I want to use one VPN to watch programs on the BBC web site in England, another to watch IView (Australia) and another for USA Netflix.

Assuming you know the IP addresses of the remote sites, then yes, static routing through the "right" VPN would accomplish that goal. Without knowing the IP addresses it is very challenging, as routing of packets is based on IP addresses, not DNS names.

Thanks Jeff,
Yes, I know it should be possible. Sorry, I should have been more clear in my question. I used to be a Windows server guy, so I could set this up on a Windows server, however linux is a mystery to me! Can this be set up using the gui or relatively easily through the command line?

  • On the web GUI in Network > Static Routes
  • On the command, you would edit and add statements to /etc/config/network

This example would send traffic to the single IP over a VPN named test_wireguard:

config route                                                            
	option interface 'test_wireguard'
	option target '' 
	option netmask ''

Thanks, what about the setting up of multiple VPNs. I've got an old version, but can only see an option set configure one VPN.

Just configure what you desire to use each subsequent VPN.

As far as I remember the last successful poster, to fool Netflix, you'd have to route the whole AWS infrastructure via specific VPN connection. And if you want an easy to use WebUI, try the VPN Policy Routing package (with its luci app).

VPN policy routing package sounds promising. Thanks.