Multiple stubby instances?

I have two internal networks, and each network needs a different upstream DNS server. I have two DNSMASQ instances, each one configured to serve one network and use a different upstream DNS; this is working as expected.

Now, I have moved one network to DNSMASQ + STUBBY, so all the upstream DNS servers are configured on STUBBY, and again this is working as expected. However, in order to move the second network to DNSMASQ + STUBBY, I need to configure a second STUBBY instance.

Is this possible? How can I configure it? Thanks!

Stumbled upon this whilst searching for answers to the same question ("can I run mutiple instances of STUBBY?"). I've ended up using DNSMASQ+STUBBY for one network and DNSMASQ+UNBOUND for the other. Not sure whether that's the best way of doing things, but it seems to work for now...

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The current init script for Stubby does not support multiple instances.


was looking for this, i know we can start second instance stubby with /usr/sbin/stubby -g -C example.conf on different ip and/or port but process start owned by root, is there a simple way to start process as correct user (stubby)??

my specific need is to have two stubby instances on localhost with different port, one with cloudflare#5453 and other with google#5553, so i can specify in my config what to use:

cat /etc/config/dhcp

list server ''
list server '0::1#5453'
list server '/'

so after a bit of reading here and here, as vgaetera pointed out, creating a second init did the trick for me:

root@router:/etc/config# cat /etc/init.d/stubby2 

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common




start_service() {

  mkdir -p "$stubby_config_dir"

  cp "$config_file" "$stubby_config"

  chown stubby:stubby "$stubby_config"
  chmod 0400 "$stubby_config"
  procd_open_instance "stubby"
  procd_set_param command "$stubby" -C "$stubby_config"
  procd_set_param respawn
  procd_set_param file "$stubby_config"
  procd_set_param stdout 1
  procd_set_param stderr 1
  procd_set_param pidfile "$stubby_pid_file"
  procd_set_param user stubby

    local trigger
    local delay

    trigger="$(uci_get stubby global trigger)"
    delay="$(uci_get stubby global triggerdelay "2")"

    if [ "$trigger" != "none" ] && [ "$trigger" != "timed" ]; then
        PROCD_RELOAD_DELAY=$((${delay:-2} * 1000))
        procd_add_interface_trigger "interface.*.up" "$trigger" "$stubby_init" start
    procd_add_reload_trigger "stubby"

pretty sure that the best solution would be to make stubby init read multiple config files, but i have no idea how to do it. @eduperez bit late and not so clean solution but may work for your needs.


Stubby package maintainer here. Patches to allow multiple instances will be gratefully accepted.


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