Multiple Public IP - macvlan veth0 issue

Hi all

Ive installed the kmod maclan pkg and configured macvlan veth0 referencing the parent interface 1.2.
I am able to get dedicated public IPs assigned on eth1.2(wan1) & veth0(wan2), however there seems to be a clash between the two.

For ef: WAN1 is set to default gateway and WAN2 is not (1:1 mapping with internal IP)

I cannot get the 'mapped-internal IP' to connect exterally using WAN2 unless I mark WAN2 as default-route and shut-down WAN1.
Looks like WAN2 config clashes with WAN1...which shouldnt be the case as I should be able to define an internal 'lab IP' to use WAN2 with 1:1 static NAT.

If any senior net/sysadmins could assist in reviewing this, I would greatly appreciate any help & pointers.

Bump for visibility.