Multiple PSKs on a single BSS with different VLANs

Hello community,

some time ago i saw the commit hostapd: add support for wifi-station and wifi-vlan sections on master and I tried to get this up and running.

The goal was to replace my three SSIDs/BSSs, for example Home, Home_Gast and Home_IoT, with a single SSID, for example Home.
Every "old" SSID is attached to a own vlan and i want to use this new feature to squash them into a single SSID with three different PSKs so that depending on the used PSK the client gets attached to one of my three vlans.

The main goal is to save some airtime for the required beacons, but i never got this configuration running.

Has anybody played with this feature and can provide a working config as example?

Probably anyone want to archive something similar has more time to play with such a setup...

Greets, Johann


I too am curious about how to use this wifi-vlan setup, but I can not find any documentation or examples of it.

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