Multiple Operating Frequency Mode

Is it possible to use multiple operating frequency mode (e.g. n/ac) on my RE450 configured as AP? Thanks.


It is already operating that way unless you specifically tell it to block legacy clients or set a minimum protocol allowed to join.

I don't think it is operating that way. If the mode is set to "ac", then my device that supports maximum of "n" cannot see the router. If the mode is set to "n", then the "ac" capable device will use "n" connection only. "n" supports 40mhz width only while the "ac" supports 80mhz width. I want to use the maximum width possible depends on the device. Thanks.

You think or you know, because i have told you how the documentation shows it operates and how i have experienced it operating in my own network.

What other setting have you put in...

Setting channel to Auto is probably causing you more problems than anything else.

You are right. Even though the one specified is "ac", it supports the "n" devices also. Funny thing is it does not behave like that earlier when I tested. Thanks.

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