Multiple interfaces of same protocol?

i'm using WireGuard to connect to a VPN and i'd like to create multiple net interfaces so that i can easily switch between VPN servers/locations

my issue is very much like this one: Wireguard Multiple connections

however i'm unable to create multiple WG interfaces - when i select WireGuard VPN as the protocol, the error is that "the interface name is already used"

i'm also open to ideas if there's a better way to switch between servers

OpenWrt 19.07.8

Just change the interface name.

the error "the interface name is already used" is misleading - i can use any name and it doesn't matter - as long as i set the protocol to WireGuard, and another WireGuard interface exists, the error appears and i cannot create the new interface

i'll look deeper into the PBR solution - that sounds promising

Works for me on OpenWrt 19.07.8 with all packages upgraded.
In any case, you can always create it with CLI.

i got it to work also, but i had to create the WG interface in a different way (in the GUI) - if i have a WG interface, then try to add another WG interface directly, it fails, but if i add the second as a non-WG interface and then switch the protocol, it works

that said, i still want to investigate the PB routing thing but i'd prefer to do it in LCUI - do you know if the 'luci-app-vpn-policy-routing' package might allow that?

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