Multiple hotspot internet sources to home network

Currently my home network all goes through a single 4g modem/router.
I've just purchased the same 4g internet plan for my wifes mobile phone.
I have a basic cheap phone plan just for my own mobile phone.

I've been thinking about trying to change this such that
My wifes phone has her 4g internet plan
My phone also gets the same 4g internet plan
The home network automatically connects to either of these phones and provides internet to the other devices on my home network. This would eliminate the need for my cheap phone plan.

I'm thinking OpenWrt might be able to do this if a RP4 is hook up with 3 wifi dongles,
1 to connect to each mobile phones' hotspot
1 to be an AP for the home network.

Is this achievable with OpenWrt? and would a RP4 with some wifi dongles do the job?
Would this provide a fairly stable and usable internet & wifi router solution connection for my home network?