Multiple dnsmasq instances running

I have noticed my router getting slow at times and when I started looking, pretty much all it 512MB RAM was used up. The cause was three dnsmasq instances, while there should only been one (it is loading 400K+ Adblock list, so the footprint is significant.

I tracked it down to my LG TV: it opens two persistent TCP connections to the router to port 53 and each connection spawns a new dnsmasq instance, so I end up with three of those. Another possibility is that it just uses TCP port 53 to communicate with another server and the Adblock iptables rules intercept it and forward to the router.

Is there a way to configure dnsmasq to not listen on TCP and only use UDP?

Is I kill how two processes, the connections get re-esteblished immediately.

UPDATE: I removed the port 53 override and the TCP connections to the router's port 53 are still getting established.

I was facing the exact same problem, but instead of trying to solve it... I just replaced DNSMASQ with Unbound which gives no problems so far and it's faster when the answer is cached.

You could block tcp53 on the firewall for the TV for a start.