Multiple DHCP servers on batman-adv mesh network


I am trying to created an local mesh network that is not connected to the internet using a couple of raspberry pis. Each of the mesh-nodes will also host an additional wireless network that allows non-mesh clients to join the network.

I have been following a helpful tutorial ( but instead of having 1 DHCP server for the entire mesh network, I wish to have each mesh node to run their own dhcp server for their respective non-mesh clients. This is to avoid having a single point of failure.

I tried setting up a dhcp server on each node, as well as ip forwarding rules between bat0 and wlan1 (wireless interface hosting the additional wireless network) but it does not seem to be working.

Appreciate any help on this, thank you!

For the setup you are using you are better off with using LibreMesh, an Operating System based on OpenWRT that deals with these (and many other) issues that come with mesh networks.

For example, the dhcp server on each node issue is dealt with there.