Multipath TCP kernel patch

Hello All,

I have install the OpenWRT stable release 19.07.03 (target x86_64) and I would like to patch the kernel with the MPTCP. However I found that the kernel version on this release is 4.14.180 and as a result I am not able to patch the latest mptcp release 0.95 since it is base on the Longterm kernel release 4.19.

On the other hand, when I use an OpenWrt snapshot image I get the latest kernel version 5.4.45 in which I am not sure if I patch the PMTCP will work. Most probably it will fail or malfunctioning.

So, I wonder which is the best solution here because I am very confused.

  1. Upgrade the kernel on the existing release 19.07.03 from 4.14.180 to 4.19 and then patch the MPTCP? Is that possible? Where I can find the kernel version 4.19 for Openwrt and complete instructions?

  2. Use the snapshot image with kernel 5.4.45 and then apply the mptcp patch from

Any suggestions, document, help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

May I suggest you have a look at

Hi amteza

I have already test that but I want to build something smaller than this, I mean it is a bit overkill

Yeah, I see how its current architecture might be to much. I meant to steer you to how the developer patched the kernel, I am sure if you browse the sources there is a possibility it will help you patch it too.

Update: disregard my comment, I can see it is not even on kernel 4.14 yet.

@Mrd @amteza I've posted a tutorial to build OpenWRT with Multipath TCP. Check it here:

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