Multicast / IGMP snooping / floods all LAN ports


When my TV recorder receives multicast (IPTV), my other box receives the same stream, too. I use a TP-Link VR200v with a 4 port switch with VLAN disabled.

Here they say, that there is a bug in the "option igmp_snooping 1".

How can I fix it?

Is there a way for iptables to block multicast traffic to certain switch ports?



If the VLAN is disabled, then how are you controlling the switch port traffic?

The option just enables IGMP snooping on the bridge itself but not on the switch chip

In order to get IGMP snooping or ipv6 MLD snooping on a piece of hardware you probably want to use a dedicated managed hardware switch that specifically mentions it in the feature list.

The hardware chips in typical home / consumer routers may or may not support IGMP snooping, and probably none of them support MLD snooping. When you enable igmp_snooping on the linux bridge it doesn't change anything on the hardware switch chip. so anything that gets injected into the switch by the CPU gets broadcast unless the switch supports snooping and the snooping is turned on somehow (swconfig? DSA? I'm not sure).

i thought the switch learns somehow which port needs which traffic...

so VR200v's switch chip can learn, that port 1 (but not port 2) needs certain [EDIT] unicast WAN traffic (i just tested that with HTTPS traffic)...

but it cannot learn who does not need the multicast traffic?

there is non-unicast https? how so? /s
you probaly tested something else. all tcp is unicast

it is a multi-letter "typo"... sowwy... :slight_smile:

i will use udpxy now... it seems to solve the problem... and costs just 5% of CPU time per SD IPTV stream... w00t :smiley:

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