Multi Wan but 1 provider .. is possible?

hello everybody i would like create two wan is possible with one provider ?


in other topics i has found this pics is exactly my question

multi wan

There are three issues to consider here:

  • Two STA interfaces on the same radio -- may or may not work.
  • Need to override MAC address so the two connections are different and the ISP sees two different connections.
  • Use PBR or mwan3 to route to different WANs, depending on whether you want per-machine routing or general load balancing.
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ok i sée if a créate meself adress mac he Can work ??

i has try the first doesn't work and i didn't understand why the rx doesnt work too in wan.2

config dhcp 'wan2'
	option interface 'wan.2'
	option ignore '1'

config interface 'wan2'
	option device 'wan.2'
	option proto 'dhcp

i has missed maybe somethings ? in firewall zone

What's the point of second connection to the same ISP?

If your goal is to separate LAN clients, it's achievable without the second uplink afaik.


Hi stangri by the way I have several br lan interface

one for the house and one for my console separated by vlan

I use sqm for my console on br-lan of the console and wan

by reducing the speed but I don't want my family to have sqm

at the moment they have full download but not upload i would like my wan not to be limited by sqm too

that's the point of creating a second wan :wink:

mac caché

ps5 only wan and donwload on sqm

and home full wan and download witouth sqm

The only place I've seen where it would make sense to set up this way was someone in Cuba saying there was a public wifi network that had a per client speed limit that was quite low. So he wanted to cheat by making multiple connections.

If the total upstream bandwidth is the same no matter how many connections you make, the OPs proposal isn't going to do anything useful. Use one connection and SQM different kinds of users on your end.

SQM should always be used when the upstream network is of a slow but known speed. At least have an overall SQM on the wan itself. You can also separately limit trusted / guest / etc networks as they feed into the WAN.

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yes you talk about this thread

no i use sqm by a script no luci-app-sqm

I believe that the solution will never be found ... too bad

I would really like this second wan for uploading and yes like cuba cheating by simulating a second wan

I have the belkin rt3200 with fiber optic 1000/800

I lowered my wan on console to 30 but my family has too

only 30 in upload

thanks anyway