Multi SSID with raspberry pi 4b

if I go to wireless interfaces and I activate it , create multi SSID with differente vlan when enable, not show the SSID's . but if disable and active only one funtion .

now the question is . raspberrypi4 B 8GB support multi SSID ? if yes is possible help ?



AFAIK, the RPi wifi hardware does not support multiple SSIDs.

But, even if I am wrong about that, the performance of the Pi wifi is terrible as an AP. It has a 1x1 radio with a small PCB based antenna which means poor overall bandwidth (especially when multiple clients are connected) and short range.

Pretty much any standard all-in-one or purpose built AP will far outperform the wifi on the Pi. You will be much better served by using something like that as a dumb AP and running the Pi4 as a router only (and it has proven to be an excellent option as a wired router).

completely agree with what psherman said. the Rpi4 is an excellent wired router but it isn't designed to serve as a WAP. You could use the Pi as your main router and buy another cheapo device to flash openwrt to actually get decent wireless performance