Multi-second delay accessing USB flash drive (edited title)

I don't know what info to include that is relevant, so please ask.

I have a USB flash drive formatted as F2FS as a Samba share on an OpenWrt 19.07.03 powered router.
I routinely experience several second delays before a file will open for read over the network.
All files seem to be affected eg 3Mb MP3s. (I get a second of music, a four second pause then the rest of the song - due to buffering in the player I'm guessing)
Connection is wired.
But reading a file from a completely different machine using Samba works fine even though the data has to pass through the router.

Any ideas? Where do I look?


reading the file, or playing the file ?

Playing an MP3 in Windows Media Player on Windows, or playing an MP3 in Kodi on a Pi, or reading a word document in Windows - always the same :
no delay on share on a Slackware Linux box ('completely different machine') vs several second delay from OpenWrt share

NEW INFO : if I SSH into the router and edit files on the USB flash drive with vi or just do a 'ls', I occasionally get a several second 'hang'. Maybe I should remove 'Samba' from the subject title.

Can you temporarily test some other USB storage device?

Many USB sticks are genuinely slow and bad.

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Well, its a " Kingston 128GB DataTraveler 100 G3 USB 3.1 Flash Drive - 130MB/s" and whilst it isn't running at USB 3 speeds, it was still pretty fast at reading when I tested it using H2testw, though it was disappointing for write.
But it got me thinking - it is attached through a powered USB hub, so I should try plugging it in directly.
I will also try a different USB stick in the hub.

FYI the router that I've had trouble with, the BT Home Hub 5A, has known USB power issues, so I have been using a powered USB hub with it. I have now bypassed and replaced the USB power in the router itself as mentioned in the wiki page and the issue has now apparently gone away. I'm not sure why this has fixed it as the router's USB power should not have been being used at all, that was the point of using a powered hub. I'm guessing now that the powered USB hub isn't doing its job.

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