Multi-Instance SQM


Is it possible to shape with CAKE at different rates depending on the interface?

I have access to gigabit internet and my OpenWRT is on a baremetal x86 machine with a 2x 25Gbit Mellanox Connectx4. My wifi is unable to provide gigabit speed to all devices in my house, hence I have to shape the rate for the wifi down significantly (to avoid bufferbloat) which also affects wired users as the CAKE instance is on the WAN interface.

It would be better if all wired users (on say eth1) could be shaped at ~gigabit and then everyone on wifi (eth2) gets a rate that is possible for all devices to achieve, hence allowing CAKE to properly mitigate bufferbloat.

Searching online everyone says the CAKE instance has to be on the WAN interface, but I dont know if this is a requirement or a convention.

Thank you!

Sure that’s perfectly recommendable. No need for cake instances to be exclusively on the WAN interface. Sometimes it’s helpful to make your own interfaces on which to apply cake - see e.g.:

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The only constraint in sqm-script is, per interface you can only have a single instance (if you configure more than one only the last will be active).
Keep in mind that for lan interfaces the meaning of upload and download will be inverted.
Also, consider using a WiFi AP that supports fq_codel/airtime fairness, that way you might not need a shaper for WiFi....


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