Mulitple Access Points, Roaming, Guest Network Isolation and VLANs


I just moved into a new house with a detached shop. I have my home network setup with a wired router running OpenWRT, 2 wired access points running Unifi and 1 range extender running OpenWRT with relayd. Everything is working really well and all of my users are on the same ip address (10.x.y.1-250).

I wanted some advice on adding a guest network to my 2 unifi access points. Ideally guests would be able to roam between to two access points and the guest network users would be completely isolated from my main users. I think I need to do the following to achieve this:

  • replace the 2 unmanaged switches with managed switches
  • flash OpenWRT onto my 2 Unifi AP's (not necessary but I think I will)
  • Configure the VLAN isolation from the access points back to the main router
  • If I flash OpenWRT to my APs, than I can stop using Relayd on my range extender and switch to WDS

Am I on the right track?

Is it recommended to setup DAWN for OpenWRT to enable proper roaming and management of APs? I am not sure if this is necessary or not.


Just recently there was a thread that 802.11r would be limited to one ssid per band with openwrt. Other configs would not be working. That might need to be considered:

Regarding your DAWN-Question:
This heavily depends on the clients. For me and our current clients ( mainly samsung android and Lenovo laptops with Intel wifi cards ) 802.11r works quite well (meaning roaming works successfully in 95% of the cases, but no band steering is possible, and not in all cases the better ap is picked) , but of course I would try to improve the current situation with openwrt 21.02 and the new hostapd capabilities that will be available then. With 19.07.7 to my knowledge band steering and active access point steering is not possible.