While looking for support for MT7628 by MediaTek, I happened to hit this page.
It talks about the "MTK -OpenWrt-3.10.14-SDK" which supports MT7628.
Does anyone has this sdk . And can you please share it with me.

Adding a github link I found for some MTK SDK.

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What doesn't work with vanilla? (I know about PCIe, which I will fix soon). Maybe ethernet was little bit weird in vanilla.

The MediaTek SDK is on GitHub on a MediaTek account, as I recall. It is wildly outdated and is not OpenWrt and is not supported by OpenWrt.

In the baidu link I provided it says its openwrt based. Possibly its stripped for Mediatek. The Heading itself is "MTK -OpenWrt-3.10.14-SDK".

Sir, I couldn't get you. I was trying to get MT7628 boards working ( WR841 V14). So I thought the above Openwrt by MediaTek should be good starting point ( although built on OWRT 14).What does it mean by vanilla ?

IWhatever MTK has in their SDK, it isn’t OpenWrt and it is not compatible with OpenWrt. Though it may have been based on “14”, that is not a current release, the kernel is not supported by Linux and is known to have severe security flaws. The applications associated with the MTK SDK are likely outdated and insecure as well.

“Vanilla” - “plain” - No changes from the original OpenWrt sources.

Vanilla as in normal, original code. In this case the openwrt.

BTW I've found this. But it most likely will not work with today's toolchains etc. The best solution for you is to use the current openwrt (year 2019 vs year 2014 :wink: ).

Hey Jeff and pc2005,

I would be taking a while to reply your posts as I need to study and try to understand few things before I write to make sense.

Yes right now I have few questions , but let me try to understand by myself before I ask here.

Jeff , you had been attending all my questions since I started posting.

Once again thank you jeff and pc2005 for being here.

Out of curiosity I tried to compile this. and I could.(Lockdown effect) Only thing is I don't know how to modify this for my router which is MT7628.